With Decisions Comes Some Changes

Some changes coming with my decisions

The decision I made at the end of April to continue driving has encouraged me to make some changes on how I’ll give you, my customers the best portrait experience possible.  If you read my previous blog post “Decisions Had To Be Made” , You know that I have decided to take my photography business on the road with me.  Even though I’ve decided to continue to make a living driving a truck, I can continue to create beautiful portrait photographs for you.  We will just have to plan your desired portrait session further out.  This will give us a bit more time to design a portrait session specified to your needs.

When I drive the semi we are gone 6-8 weeks and I schedule our time home a year in advance.  By doing this I can schedule appointments far in advance.  I’ll post a calendar on the website with my scheduled weeks off so that you may see what time is best for you.  For those of you that are truckers, travelers or live in areas other than Texas, I’ll post when and where we will be sitting for a day on my social media.  As truck drivers my husband and I have to sit for a day or two usually once a week due to Federal Transportation rules. I’ll most likely post this information on my social network sites, so please feel free to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Don’t let this deter you…

Don’t let this deter you on scheduling a shoot with me.  By scheduling in advance this gives us the time to create a photo shoot with what you desire in mind.  I know life can be busy and hectic!  I have more time to myself when I’m driving than when I’m at home!  I really want you to see the beauty in you that I see, and I want you to enjoy a day with your daughter or best friend and get pampered and photographed like never before! It truly is a wonderful experience! Call me at 817-993-9834 to schedule your consultation today! 

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”

Coco Chanel




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