What Gives You Joy?

Great Question!

Being a truck driving photographer I get bored to listening to the radio, even if it is SiriusXM and I listen to podcasts. Usually those podcasts are about photography, go figure, right?! I was listening to the latest episode (#46) of the Six Figure Photography Podcast yesterday when Ben Hartley had a great discussion with Eileah Ohning about achieving your dreams, and the question of “What gives you joy?” was asked. By the way, this is a great episode, and you should go check it out! This made me think. I love listening and watching stuff that makes me think! Thought seems to be something that is rarely done today, even by me lately.

So, What gives me joy?

The first thing that came into my mind was our son.  A child (no matter how old they get) almost always is the first thing that gives a parent joy! We were blessed with one child and he has had his trials and tribulations, but he’s grown and become a better person through those trials.  He seems to be on the right track, and every time he excels at something, it makes us happy! He’s gotten an IT job in technology and he works very long hours, but seems to truly enjoy it.

I asked him the other day why does he like this job over other’s he’s had in his life, even though he’s working really hard and long hours.  He told me that he loves finding the problems, then fixing the issues.  He said he feels like a technological Sherlock Holmes.  He also said that he’s happy to help others in their business and to help them continue to make money in order to better themselves and their families.  There’s nothing better than helping others solve their problems.

So, this brings me to the second thing that brings me joy, and that is to help other’s with their photography needs. There are so many of us that wish we had that 3 or 4 generational photograph with our Grandmother before they pass away.  I know, it’s a bit morbid, but really we don’t think about it until it’s to late, myself included.  How about getting that family photo done professionally for once? I know we’ve only done it 2 times when our son was younger, and I wish we’d done it more often while he was growing up.  How many of you had a professional photographer at your wedding, but you only got the digitals and no prints, saying you would print them up later and now they’re somewhere in a drawer (go read this blog post if this is you).  Being a Mom we are hardly ever in any of the photos we take because we’re the ones taking the photos, right?! Does your children have any photos of you?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then maybe you should think about getting a professional portrait done and have it printed.  Print lasts for a very long time, and for generations.  I plan on having another photographer take my photo and my family photo for Christmas and having it put up on our wall, because seeing my family and knowing that we are still here on this earth and together, gives me the greatest joy possible!  Let me help you plan the photo shoot of your dreams! Let me help you create something special that your family will cherish for a lifetime.  Please, even if you don’t choose me as your photographer, get those photos done by a professional and have them printed, you will be happy you did it!  So, what gives you joy? Post your answer below, I’d love to hear it!

Remember, enjoy life, enjoy the day and take lots of photos for the memories!

Let me know what you think...